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5 months ago

New Year 2024: Top 6 home styling trends for a perfect makeover aligned with the evolving year's aesthetic shifts

New Year 2024: Top 6 home styling trends to look forward to in the coming year
New Year 2024: Top 6 home styling trends to look forward to in the coming year


IIE Digital Desk:It's time to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new! Get ready for a year full of exciting developments in home decor and design. The world of interior design is evolving at a fast pace, and 2024 is ushering in a host of new trends that promise to redefine the way we style our homes. Shifting trends are enabling us to embrace natural materials and incorporate cutting-edge technology, making the home styling landscape undergo a huge transformation. Contemporary home makeovers go beyond just trends as they’re all about incorporating functionality, technology and comfort in daily living. 

Janavi Javeri, Interior Stylist and the Founder of Walls and Things shared with HT Lifestyle some of the top interior design trends in home styling to look forward to in 2024.

1. Space-Maximizing Furniture

Space-maximizing furniture has already become a part of the contemporary interior aesthetic and will soon become a must-have in the upcoming 2024 home-styling trend. Think rotating bookshelves, adjustable furniture, and tucked-in tables among many other ideas.

2. Layered Decor

Layering in décor is just as trendy as layering blankets for cozy homes. This is quite popular in table settings where the idea of piling up flowers, plates, and candles creates magic. Layered décor is a great idea to transform a few nooks and corners of the house which currently look dull plaid.

3. Stylized Faucets

The days of monotonous silver faucets are long gone. Come the New Year and one can see a lot of colour pop, floral prints, and fauna patterns when it comes to faucets. The faucet game is running in the lead for the home-styling trends of 2024.

4. Statement Mirrors

Mirrors have always played a pivotal role in elevating home décor aesthetics. Give your home a sumptuous facelift with statement mirrors in trending pointed and curvy shapes to bring drama to your space.

5. Colorful kitchen

A dash of colour in a kitchen seems to be a must-have in the upcoming 2024 trends. A little pop of colour not only maintains the elegant vibe of the kitchen but also adds a subtle yet intriguing touch, whether it's through paint colours or a vibrant tile backsplash. You can also bring in a natural texture of wood tones to add delicate hues that shine and play the role of powerful neutrals.

6. Tech-Integrated Homes

Tech-integrated homes or smart homes are gaining more popularity with the progression of technology. Moving forward to the year 2024, technology seems to take a focal point in home styling trends. Home makeovers will be all about automated mirrors, lighting systems, tech-enabled faucets, and tech-savvy products.

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