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4 months ago

Hair turning grey? Here are few reasons for deteriorating tresses

Hair Care
Hair Care


IIE Digital Desk:Has your hair been turning grey even in your early 20s? Hair getting grey is often associated with aging, however, now even people in their early and late 20s are getting grey hair. Recent scientific studies have shown that lifestyle factors can significantly contribute to the early greying of hair.

What causes premature greying of hair?

One of the main reasons for greying of hair is smoking. A 2013 study by the University of Jordan found a substantial relationship between smoking and early greying of hair. The harmful chemicals in tobacco smoke are believed to cause oxidative stress which leads to early greying.

Another reason for your hair turning grey is lack of essential nutrients like B12, D3, calcium, and minerals like copper, iron, and zinc. Having food rich in vitamin B12 (egg yolk and dairy products), copper (sesame seeds, cashews, almonds, red meats, and whole grains), and zinc (dry fruits and seeds) is necessary to maintain hair health.

Another reason for the early greying of hair is extreme stress. Poor sleep and chronic dehydration can also lead to a change in hair colour. And of course, genetics play a huge role in determining when your hair will turn grey.

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