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7 months ago

Jute farmers in trouble as price of jute decreases day by day

Jute farmers (symbolic picture)
Jute farmers (symbolic picture)


Katwa (August 29,2023) : Jute farmers in West Bengal are in trouble as the price of jute has been decreasing day by day. The price of jute has fallen to Rs. 1,800-Rs. 2,000 per quintal, from Rs. 3,030 per quintal last year. This has caused a lot of financial problems for the jute farmers, who are struggling to make ends meet. Many farmers have been forced to sell their jute at a loss. The decline in the price of jute is due to several factors, including the bumper crop this year, the closure of several jute mills, and the increasing use of synthetic fibers.

The government has taken some steps to help the jute farmers, such as providing them with financial assistance and increasing the minimum support price for jute. However, these measures have not been enough to help the farmers. The jute farmers are demanding that the government take more effective measures to help them, such as imposing a ban on the import of synthetic fibers and providing them with guaranteed market for their produce.

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