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Samsung phone screens are turning yellow after the One UI 6.0 update: here’s how to fix it



IIE Digital Desk: Samsung’s latest major software update One UI 6.0 brings Android 14, and several other features to Galaxy devices. But as with every other update this one too has bugs that are affecting some smartphones. One bug that’s going around is a yellow tint on the screen that’s appearing after installing the One UI 6.0 update.

One UI 6.0 update yellow tint issue

According to complaints raised on Reddit and Samsung’s community page, some Samsung users are seeing their smartphone screens turn yellow after the One UI 6.0 update. This happens despite keeping the Eye comfort shield turned off. This feature dims the screen brightness and turns it into a yellowish colour for eye comfort. But users say that the issue persists despite changing any display setting. 

It looks like the issue is appearing only after the One UI 6.0 update, and there’s no fix for it yet by Samsung, but there is a workaround to preventing the yellow screen appear on your Samsung phone. One user on Samsung’s community forum shared an old Reddit thread explaining the steps to fix this yellow screen issue. 

If your Samsung phone is facing the same problem then you can follow these steps:

Install the Nova Launcher app on your phone, and set it as the default app launcher. 

Look for the Nova Launcher app on your home screen, and long press on any empty area. A pop-up menu will appear once you do that. 

Swipe up this menu, and look for the Nova Launcher widgets. Select the ‘Activity’ widget, then add it to the home screen. 

You’ll now see the Activity screen appear, and once you’re here scroll down to find the Settings option. 

A drop-down list will appear from the Settings menu. Look for that drop-down button and select it. You’ll have to now scroll down to the bottom to find the ‘Night Light’ option. 

Select Night Light and disable the ‘Use Night Light’ toggle, and set schedule to None. This should help fix the yellow screen issue.

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