West Bengal

10 months ago

West Bengal's 43 Crore Protection Money Scandal Unearthed by ED

Money Scandal (symbolic picture)
Money Scandal (symbolic picture)


Kolkata (August 03,2023) : Enforcement Directorate (ED) has revealed a massive protection money scandal in West Bengal, implicating police officers from three districts. According to the investigation, over 43 crores were illicitly obtained as bribes by these officers, casting a dark shadow on the state's law enforcement. The ED's probe exposed a covert network within the police force, involving officers in prominent positions. Allegedly, they used their authority to extort large sums of money under the guise of providing protection to various entities.

Insiders report that this racket had been operating undetected for a prolonged period, leaving the public outraged and questioning the integrity of those responsible for maintaining law and order. The five crucial keywords that encapsulate the core of this scandal are "Protection Money," "West Bengal," "Enforcement Directorate," "Scandal," and "Police Officers." As the investigation unfolds, the state anxiously awaits justice to be served, hoping this revelation will mark a turning point in eradicating corruption and restoring faith in the law enforcement agencies.

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