West Bengal

10 months ago

Elephants Destroy Crops, Damage Property in Purulia

Elephants (symbolic picture)
Elephants (symbolic picture)


Bandoan (August 11,2023) : Two elephants have been causing havoc in Purulia district of West Bengal for the past few days. The elephants have destroyed crops and damaged property in several villages. The elephants first appeared in the villages of Bandwan and Jhargram on Wednesday night. They have since been moving from village to village, destroying crops and property. The villagers are fearful of the elephants and have been staying indoors at night. They have also been setting up bamboo barricades to keep the elephants out of their villages.

The forest department has been trying to track down the elephants and drive them back to the forest. However, the elephants have been elusive and have so far managed to evade the forest department. The villagers are worried that the elephants will continue to cause havoc in the area until they are driven back to the forest. They are also worried that the elephants will attack them if they are cornered.

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