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10 months ago

Anurag Patra's Role in Chandrayaan-3 Success Delights Haldia Vivekananda Mission Ashram

Chandrayaan-3   (symbolic picture)
Chandrayaan-3 (symbolic picture)


Haldia (August 25,2023) : The authority of Haldia Vivekananda Mission Ashram is proud of their former student Anurag Patra, who played a key role in the success of Chandrayaan-3 mission. Patra, who is a Project Engineer at the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), was responsible for the development of the landing gear of the Chandrayaan-3 lander. The lander successfully touched down on the lunar surface on Wednesday evening, making India the fourth country to achieve a soft landing on the moon.

The authority of the Haldia Vivekananda Mission Ashram said that they are proud of Patra's achievement and that he has brought laurels to the institution. They said that Patra is an inspiration to the students of the institution and that they hope that he will continue to achieve great things in the future.

Patra, who is a native of Haldia, said that he is happy that he could contribute to the success of the Chandrayaan-3 mission. He said that he is grateful to the ISRO for giving him the opportunity to work on such a prestigious project. He also said that he is proud to be a student of the Haldia Vivekananda Mission Ashram and that he would like to inspire other students to pursue their dreams. The Chandrayaan-3 mission is a major milestone for India's space program and the success of the mission is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the scientists and engineers involved in the project. Patra's contribution to the mission is a matter of great pride for the people of West Bengal and the country as a whole.

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