West Bengal

11 months ago

Angry women vandalized illegal hooch shop in Egra after drunkards created nuisance

illegal hooch shop (symbolic picture)
illegal hooch shop (symbolic picture)


Egra (August 17,2023) : In Egra, angry women vandalized an illegal hooch shop after drunkards created a nuisance. On Tuesday afternoon, while going to the Independence Day function, the women were shocked to see the nuisance created by the drunkards. They chased the drunkards and broke into the liquor shop and vandalized it.

The women said that the liquor shop has been selling liquor illegally for a long time. This has led to nuisance in the area. They had informed the administration about this, but to no avail. So they vandalized the shop themselves. The liquor shop owner fled after the incident. Police arrived at the scene and brought the situation under control.

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