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Google Working on Satellite Connectivity Feature for Android Smartphones

Satellite Feature Smartphones (symbolic picture)
Satellite Feature Smartphones (symbolic picture)


IIE Digital Desk : Google is reportedly working on a satellite connectivity feature for Android smartphones. The feature would allow smartphones to connect to satellites in low-earth orbit (LEO) even when there is no cellular or Wi-Fi reception.

The satellite connectivity feature would be powered by Google's Project Loon, which uses high-altitude balloons to provide internet access to remote areas. Project Loon is currently in the testing phase, but Google has said that it plans to launch a commercial service in 2024.

The satellite connectivity feature for Android smartphones would be a major breakthrough. It would allow people to stay connected even when they are in remote areas or in the middle of a natural disaster. It would also be a boon for people who travel frequently and often find themselves in areas with poor cellular or Wi-Fi reception. However, the satellite connectivity feature would also have some limitations. It would be slower than cellular or Wi-Fi connections, and it would only be available in areas where Project Loon has deployed its balloons. Overall, the satellite connectivity feature for Android smartphones is a promising development. It has the potential to improve connectivity for people all over the world.

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