9 months ago

Mastering Rescue: Sodpur Workshop Harnesses Radio Waves for Remote Relief

Radio Waves (symbolic picture)
Radio Waves (symbolic picture)


Kolkata (August 16,2023) : In a proactive initiative, a workshop was recently conducted in Sodpur, focusing on the art of rescuing mountaineers in remote terrains and disaster response team members through the innovative use of radio waves. Sodpur became the backdrop for this enlightening workshop, where attendees delved into the intricacies of locating individuals via their radio signals amidst challenging mountain landscapes or crisis scenarios. The gathering facilitated a comprehensive understanding of the radio wave technology's potential in life-saving missions.

Experts led engaging sessions, imparting techniques crucial for quick and effective rescue operations. As Kolkata embraces the monsoons and their potential challenges, this workshop's focus on disaster response proves timely and pertinent. The workshop's significance lies in its empowerment of participants with the prowess to navigate tough terrains and swiftly track down those in need. As Kolkata emerges as a hub of preparedness, such educational endeavors lay a robust foundation for enhanced safety measures.

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