9 months ago

Lalbazar's Concerns: Mamata Banerjee's Proposal and Police Staff Shortage

Lalbazar Police Staff (symbolic picture)
Lalbazar Police Staff (symbolic picture)


Kolkata (July 28,2023) : Tensions rise as Kolkata's iconic Lalbazar expresses discontent with Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee's recent proposal to extend Kolkata Police's jurisdiction to include Bhangar. The move comes amidst a pressing concern over staff shortages, raising eyebrows among the city's law enforcement authorities. Bhangar's potential integration into Kolkata Police's domain has sparked debate and apprehension within Lalbazar's ranks. The existing shortage of staff is a primary issue, leaving officers overburdened and resources stretched thin.

Officials at Lalbazar acknowledge the necessity of expanding police coverage, especially in regions like Bhangar, which are witnessing growth and development. However, they assert that adequate staffing is crucial to ensure effective law enforcement and public safety.

The proposal has initiated discussions between the state government and Lalbazar to address the staffing crisis promptly. The department aims to collaborate constructively with the administration while also voicing its concerns and limitations. As Kolkata's law enforcement faces the challenge head-on, the pressure is on to find a balanced solution. The priority remains maintaining law and order in Bhangar and the city as a whole, while also addressing the pressing issue of staffing shortages.

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