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Khuti Puja Held on Eid in Kolkata to Spread Harmony

Khuti Puja Held on Eid (symbolic picture)
Khuti Puja Held on Eid (symbolic picture)


Kolkata (June 30,2023) : A Khuti Puja was held in Kolkata on Eid-ul-Fitr to spread harmony and communal amity. The puja was organized by the Peaceful Coexistence Forum, an NGO that works for communal harmony in the city.

The puja was held at the Ekbalpore Kalibari temple, and it was attended by people from different faiths. The puja started with a prayer for peace and harmony, and it was followed by a traditional puja. The puja was organized to send a message of peace and unity to the people of Kolkata. The organizers said that they wanted to show that people from different faiths can live together in harmony.

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