11 months ago

Indian Coffee House to Open New Branches Outside Kolkata

Indian Coffee House (symbolic picture)
Indian Coffee House (symbolic picture)


Kolkata (July 03,2023) : Indian Coffee House (ICH), the iconic coffee chain that is synonymous with Kolkata, is set to expand outside the city. The chain is planning to open new branches in several major cities across India, including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Bangalore.

The expansion plans are part of ICH's efforts to revive its brand and attract a wider customer base. The chain has been facing stiff competition from other coffee chains in recent years, and the expansion is seen as a way to regain its lost glory. The new branches will be located in prime locations in the respective cities. They will offer the same menu of coffees, snacks, and meals that are available at ICH outlets in Kolkata. The chain is also planning to introduce some new items on the menu to cater to the tastes of customers in other cities.

The expansion of ICH is a welcome move for coffee lovers across India. The chain has a loyal customer base in Kolkata, and the new branches are sure to be popular with coffee lovers in other cities as well. The expansion of Indian Coffee House is a sign of the growing popularity of coffee in India. The coffee chain is tapping into the growing demand for coffee by opening new branches in major cities across the country. This is likely to boost the sales of ICH and help it to regain its lost glory.

The expansion of ICH is also a sign of the changing tastes of Indian consumers. Coffee is no longer seen as a foreign drink, and it is becoming increasingly popular among Indians of all ages. The new branches of ICH are sure to attract a wide range of customers, including young professionals, students, and families. The expansion of ICH is a positive development for the Indian coffee industry. It is a sign that the industry is growing and maturing, and that it is catering to the changing tastes of Indian consumers.

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