3 months ago

Central Park Station to Oversee Ticketing and Amenities for Howrah to Esplanade Route

Howrah metro (symbolic picture)
Howrah metro (symbolic picture)


IIE Digital Desk : In a strategic move aimed at enhancing efficiency and convenience, Central Park Station is set to assume control over the ticketing system and other amenities for the Howrah to Esplanade route. This decision marks a significant shift in management practices, aimed at streamlining operations and improving passenger experience along one of Kolkata's busiest routes. Under the new arrangement, Central Park Station will play a pivotal role in overseeing ticket sales, ensuring smooth transactions for commuters traveling between Howrah and Esplanade. Additionally, the station will take charge of maintaining essential amenities, such as cleanliness, security, and passenger facilities, to elevate the overall commuting experience.

This transition is expected to bring about notable improvements in service delivery, addressing longstanding challenges related to ticketing and facility maintenance along the route. Commuters can anticipate a more seamless journey, characterized by efficient ticketing processes and enhanced amenities, courtesy of Central Park Station's proactive management approach. The decision reflects a commitment to modernizing infrastructure and optimizing operational efficiency within Kolkata's public transportation network. By centralizing control and focusing on customer-centric initiatives, authorities aim to redefine standards for commuter satisfaction and convenience along the Howrah to Esplanade corridor.

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