11 months ago

Rakhi Sawant's husband blames her for miscarriage

Rakhi Sawant (symbolic picture)
Rakhi Sawant (symbolic picture)


IIE Digital Desk : Rakhi Sawant's husband Adil Khan Durrani has made shocking statements about the actress's recent miscarriage. In an interview with a news channel, Durrani said that Sawant had suffered a miscarriage because she had been "overworking" herself. He also said that she had been "stressed" and "overthinking" things. Durrani's statements have been met with widespread criticism, with many people accusing him of blaming Sawant for her own miscarriage.

Sawant herself has not yet commented on Durrani's statements. The miscarriage is the latest in a series of setbacks for Sawant. In recent months, she has also been involved in a legal battle with her former manager, and she has been accused of fraud. It is unclear how Sawant will cope with this latest setback. However, she has shown great resilience in the past, and it is likely that she will bounce back from this.

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