9 months ago

Pori Moni calls son 'Abir', fans speculate marital woes

Pori Moni and Sariful Razz (symbolic picture)
Pori Moni and Sariful Razz (symbolic picture)


IIE Digital Desk : Popular Bangladeshi actress Pori Moni has been addressing her son with a new name, sparking speculation that she is angry with her husband, Sariful Razz. Moni has been referring to her son as "Abir" in recent social media posts, while his birth name is "Ayan." This has led some fans to believe that she is using a different name for her son because she is upset with Razz. However, there is no confirmation that this is the case. It is also possible that Moni is simply using a nickname for her son.

Moni and Razz got married in 2021 and have one child together. They have been in the news recently for their alleged marital problems. In May 2023, Razz was arrested on charges of drug possession. He was later released on bail. It is unclear what is going on between Moni and Razz, but the actress's recent use of a new name for her son has certainly raised some eyebrows. Only time will tell if this is a sign of deeper problems in their marriage.

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