West Bengal

10 months ago

Tehatta Premiere League: IPL-style auction held to select players

Tehatta Premiere League (symbolic picture)
Tehatta Premiere League (symbolic picture)


Tehatta (August 21,2023) : An IPL-style auction was held in Tehatta, Nadia, on Sunday to select players for the upcoming Tehatta Premiere League (TPL). The league is a new initiative to promote cricket in the region and provide a platform for local talent to showcase their skills. A total of 200 players were auctioned off, with each team allowed to buy a maximum of 17 players. The players were divided into three categories: ordinary, good, and excellent. The ordinary players were auctioned off for 200 points, the good players for 300 points, and the excellent players for 1000 points.

The auction was held in a grand manner, with a large crowd in attendance. The players were put up for auction one by one, and the bidding was fierce. In the end, all 200 players were sold. The TPL is scheduled to begin in October and will run for a total of 40 matches. The matches will be played at three different venues in Tehatta. The league is expected to be a big hit with the locals, and it is hoped that it will help to raise the standard of cricket in the region.

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