West Bengal

10 months ago

Rhino Conservation in Jaldapara

Jaldapara Rhino (symbolic picture)
Jaldapara Rhino (symbolic picture)


Alipurduar (August 21,2023) : The West Bengal Forest Department is planning to extend the wandering land of one-horned rhinos in Jaldapara National Park. The move comes after the number of rhinos in the park has increased in recent years.

The park currently has around 292 rhinos, up from 250 in 2018. The increase in the rhino population has put pressure on the park's resources, and the forest department is now looking to expand the park's boundaries. The department has identified around 300 hectares of land that could be added to the park. The land is currently under private ownership, but the department is in talks with the owners to acquire it.

The expansion of the park would provide the rhinos with more space to roam and would also help to protect them from poachers. The forest department is hoping to complete the expansion work within the next two years. In addition to expanding the park, the forest department is also taking other steps to protect the rhinos. These include increasing patrolling in the park, setting up anti-poaching camps, and raising awareness about the importance of rhino conservation.

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