West Bengal

11 months ago

Haldia Port Authority Starts Mechanical Unloading of Iron Ore to Cut Costs

Haldia Port  (symbolic picture)
Haldia Port (symbolic picture)


Haldia (August 03,2023) : The Haldia Port Authority has started mechanical unloading of iron ore to cut costs and improve efficiency. The mechanical unloading method uses cranes to unload iron ore from ships, instead of manual labor. This is a more efficient and cost-effective way to unload iron ore, as it reduces the need for manpower and speeds up the unloading process.

The Haldia Port Authority has said that the mechanical unloading method will save the port around Rs 100 crore per year. It will also improve the productivity of the port, as ships can be unloaded more quickly. The mechanical unloading method is being used at the Haldia Dock Complex, which is the largest iron ore handling port in India. The port handles around 20 million tonnes of iron ore every year. The Haldia Port Authority is planning to use the mechanical unloading method at other ports in the country as well.

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