West Bengal

1 week ago

Dispute Erupts Over Pond Occupation in Purulia: Locals Raise Concerns

Pond Encroachment (symbolic picture)
Pond Encroachment (symbolic picture)


IIE Digital Desk : Tensions have escalated in Purulia as locals voice grievances over the occupation of a crucial pond in the area. The dispute centers around allegations that unauthorized individuals or groups have encroached upon the pond, a vital natural resource for the community. Residents have expressed concern that the occupation could lead to environmental degradation and deprive them of access to water for agricultural and domestic purposes. The pond, traditionally used for irrigation and as a water source, plays a significant role in sustaining local livelihoods.

Efforts to resolve the dispute have been met with resistance, prompting authorities to intervene and investigate the legality of the occupation. Local officials are reviewing land records and assessing claims from both parties involved in the dispute.

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