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Moeen has to ask himself, does he want to get back to test cricket: Former England captain Nasser Hussain

Moeen Ali
Moeen Ali


IIE Digital Desk : Former England captain Nasser Hussain has raised doubts about the future of all-rounder Moeen Ali in Test cricket. In a recent interview, Hussain emphasized that Moeen needs to introspect and decide whether he truly desires to make a comeback to the Test format.

Hussain's comments came after Moeen's absence from the England Test squad for the past year, during which time the team has undergone significant changes and witnessed the emergence of new talents. The former captain believes that Moeen must evaluate his commitment and assess whether he has the determination to regain his spot in the Test side.

Expressing his concerns, Hussain pointed out that while Moeen possesses exceptional skills and talent, his motivation and willingness to compete at the highest level need to be examined. With the emergence of several promising players in recent times, the competition for places in the England Test team has become incredibly fierce, leaving no room for complacency.

Hussain highlighted the importance of having a strong desire and hunger to succeed in Test cricket, as it requires exceptional dedication and mental fortitude. He mentioned that players must constantly push themselves to maintain high standards, adapt to changing conditions, and consistently contribute to the team's success. Without a burning desire to excel, Hussain believes it would be difficult for Moeen to make a successful comeback.

Moeen Ali, who has been a key figure in England's limited-overs teams, has occasionally struggled to replicate his success in Test matches. His recent performances in the longest format of the game have been inconsistent, leading to his exclusion from the squad. While Moeen has showcased his prowess in shorter formats, he will need to demonstrate a renewed hunger and a strong desire to prove himself in Test cricket.

Hussain emphasized the significance of self-reflection and stated that it is ultimately up to Moeen to decide whether he wants to invest the necessary time and effort required for a Test cricket comeback. The former England captain expressed his hope that Moeen would make a thoughtful decision, considering both his personal aspirations and the team's needs.

Nasser Hussain's comments shed light on the doubts surrounding Moeen Ali's Test cricket future. While acknowledging Moeen's talent, Hussain urged the all-rounder to question his own ambitions and evaluate whether he possesses the hunger and determination required to make a successful return to the Test side. Only time will tell whether Moeen can reclaim his position and once again thrive in the demanding world of Test cricket.

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