1 year ago

Asia Cup 2023 Dogged by Controversy

Asia Cup 2023 (symbolic picture)
Asia Cup 2023 (symbolic picture)


IIE Digital Desk : The Asia Cup 2023, scheduled to be held in September, is already mired in controversy. India has refused to play in Pakistan since the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks, and it is unlikely that they will change their stance for the Asia Cup. This means that the tournament will have to be moved to a neutral venue, which could be a major logistical challenge.

The ACC has proposed a hybrid model for the Asia Cup, with India playing their matches in a neutral venue and the other teams playing in Pakistan. However, this model has been met with criticism from some quarters, who believe that it is unfair to the other teams.

There are also concerns about the finances of the Asia Cup. The tournament is a major financial undertaking, and it is unclear how the tournament will be funded if India does not participate. It remains to be seen how the Asia Cup 2023 will be resolved. The tournament is scheduled to be held in September, and it is possible that a decision will be made before then. However, it is also possible that the tournament will be postponed or canceled altogether.

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