11 months ago

Rozgar Mela' Emerges as a Prominent Symbol of the NDA-BJP Government: PM Modi



IIE Digital Desk:Prime Minister Narendra Modi took aim at the previous regime, expressing concerns about the diminishing transparency in selection exams and the persistence of dynasty politics.

In his speech, PM Modi emphasized the need for transparency and fairness in the selection process of exams. He pointed out that these standards had deteriorated under the previous administration, raising questions about the credibility and integrity of the selection procedures.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister criticized the prevalence of dynasty politics, highlighting the detrimental impact it has on the democratic fabric of the nation. He emphasized the importance of nurturing meritocracy and providing equal opportunities to all citizens, regardless of their family background or political lineage.

PM Modi's comments shed light on the pressing need for reform in the selection process and the political landscape, advocating for a system that is based on competence, transparency, and merit rather than familial or political affiliations.

By addressing these issues, the Prime Minister signals his commitment to enhancing transparency, accountability, and democratic principles within the governance framework. The remarks also serve as a reminder of the government's dedication to creating a level playing field and promoting a merit-based society.

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