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Mumbai Society Bars Muslim Man From Sacrificing Goats for Bakrid, Says 'No Slaughtering in Premises'

Mumbai Society Bars Muslim Man  (symbolic picture)
Mumbai Society Bars Muslim Man (symbolic picture)


Mumbai (June 28,2023) : A Muslim man in Mumbai's Mira Road was barred from sacrificing goats for Bakrid by his society, which said that slaughtering is not allowed in the premises. The man, identified as Mohammed Shaikh, had bought two goats for the festival and was planning to sacrifice them at his home in the society.

However, the society's management committee refused to allow him to do so, citing a rule that prohibits slaughtering of animals in the premises. The committee said that the rule was put in place to ensure the safety and hygiene of the residents. Shaikh said that he was disappointed by the decision and that he had no other option but to take the goats back. He said that he had been sacrificing goats for Bakrid for the past several years and that he had never faced any problems before.

The incident has sparked a debate on social media, with some people supporting the society's decision and others criticizing it. Some people have argued that the society should have allowed Shaikh to sacrifice the goats in a humane manner, while others have said that the rule against slaughtering animals is justified. The incident highlights the challenges that Muslims face in India when it comes to practicing their religion. In recent years, there have been several cases of Muslims being harassed or attacked for their religious beliefs.

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