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Low attendance, no aggressive gestures, Waris Punjab De crackdown cast shadow on Operation Bluestar anniversary: Intel report

Golden Tempel
Golden Tempel


IIE Digital Desk : The anniversary of Operation Bluestar, the military operation carried out in 1984 at the Golden Temple in Amritsar, was marked by low attendance and a lack of aggressive gestures due to the crackdown by the Waris Punjab De group. The report sheds light on the impact of the crackdown, which creted a tension-free environment during the commemoration of the sensitive event.

The intelligence report highlights that the efforts of the Waris Punjab De group, aimed at discouraging aggressive posturing and gatherings during the anniversary, had a significant effect. As a result, the attendance at the memorial event witnessed a notable decline, with fewer people participating compared to previous years.

The report suggests that the crackdown on potential troublemakers and individuals promoting aggressive gestures helped maintain a peaceful atmosphere during the anniversary. The authorities' proactive measures to prevent any untoward incidents contributed to the subdued nature of the commemoration.

Furthermore, the intel report indicates that the tightened security arrangements and the vigilant monitoring of sensitive areas played a crucial role in maintaining law and order. The increased presence of security personnel and strict surveillance helped ensure a smooth and incident-free observation of the anniversary.

The Waris Punjab De group's actions and the subsequent impact on the anniversary have sparked discussions about the evolving dynamics surrounding Operation Bluestar. The report underscores the ongoing efforts to strike a delicate balance between respecting the sentiments associated with the event and maintaining public order and security.

While the low attendance and absence of aggressive gestures may be seen as a positive outcome from a law enforcement perspective, it also reflects the complex nature of commemorating a historically significant event that continues to evoke strong emotions and diverse opinions.

As the Operation Bluestar anniversary unfolds amidst the shadow cast by the Waris Punjab De crackdown, the intel report sheds light on the measures taken to ensure a tension-free atmosphere and highlights the ongoing challenges surrounding the remembrance of this critical chapter in history.

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