11 months ago

ISRO Scientist Tushar Kanti Das Reflects on Chandrayaan-3's Successful Earth Departure

Chandrayaan-3 (symbolic picture)
Chandrayaan-3 (symbolic picture)


Tiruanontopuram (August 01,2023) : ISRO scientist Tushar Kanti Das is reflecting on the successful Earth departure of Chandrayaan-3, the third lunar mission of the Indian Space Research Organization. Das, who is the deputy project director of Chandrayaan-3, said that the Earth departure was a "critical milestone" in the mission, and that he is "very happy" with the progress so far. "The Earth departure was a very smooth process," Das said. "All the systems performed as expected, and we are very happy with the results."

The Earth departure was the first major milestone for Chandrayaan-3, which is scheduled to land on the moon in August 2023. The mission will be India's second attempt to land a spacecraft on the moon, after the Chandrayaan-2 mission in 2019. Das said that the team is now focused on the next phase of the mission, which is the lunar transfer orbit insertion. This is the process of putting Chandrayaan-3 into orbit around the moon.

"The lunar transfer orbit insertion is another critical milestone," Das said. "We are confident that the team will be able to successfully complete this phase of the mission." The successful Earth departure of Chandrayaan-3 is a major step forward for the mission, and it is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the ISRO team. The mission is expected to make significant contributions to our understanding of the moon, and it is a source of great pride for India.

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