3 weeks ago

Controversy Erupts as Pune Teen Who Crashed Porsche Receives VIP Treatment at Police Station

Pune Porsche crash (symbolic picture)
Pune Porsche crash (symbolic picture)


IIE Digital Desk : A Pune teenager who crashed a Porsche has sparked outrage after allegations surfaced that he received special treatment at the police station. The opposition claims the teen was served pizza and biryani during his detention, raising serious questions about preferential treatment and police conduct. The incident occurred when the teenager, driving a high-end Porsche, lost control and crashed. While no severe injuries were reported, the crash caused significant property damage. The handling of the teenager post-incident, however, has drawn more attention than the crash itself.

Opposition parties have accused the police of giving the teen VIP treatment, serving him pizza and biryani while in custody. This alleged preferential treatment has ignited public anger and demands for accountability. Critics argue that such actions reflect a broader issue of inequality and favoritism within the justice system. The police department has denied these allegations, stating that the teen was treated according to standard procedures. However, the controversy has led to calls for an internal investigation to ensure transparency and fairness.

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