10 months ago

Panchayat Elections to Disrupt School Attendance in Kolkata

Disrupt School Attendance (symbolic picture)
Disrupt School Attendance (symbolic picture)


Kolkata (July 07,2023) : Panchayat elections are scheduled to be held in West Bengal on Friday, July 7. In Kolkata, the elections are likely to disrupt school attendance. Many school buses will be used to ferry voters to the polling stations, and some parents may choose to keep their children home for safety reasons.

"We have already informed the parents that the attendance may be low on Friday," said a teacher at Gokhale Memorial School. "Many of our students come from areas where there is a lot of political activity, and their parents may be worried about sending them to school." The disruption to school attendance is likely to be worst in areas where there is a lot of political tension. In some cases, schools may even be closed altogether if the situation becomes too volatile. "We will have to take a call on whether to close the school on Friday depending on the situation," said the principal of a school in Howrah. "We don't want to put the safety of our students at risk."

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