10 months ago

Malaysian Vessel Runs Aground Near Kolkata, No Injuries

Malaysian Vessel (symbolic picture)
Malaysian Vessel (symbolic picture)


Kolkata (August 03,2023) : A Malaysian vessel carrying a consignment of steel coils ran aground near Garchumuk in Howrah on Wednesday morning after its steering malfunctioned. The vessel, MV Jag Leela, was en route to Kolkata port when it ran aground around 11:25 am. The cause of the steering malfunction is not yet known.

The vessel is 140 meters long and was carrying a cargo of 1,500 tonnes of steel coils. There were no injuries reported. The Coast Guard has deployed a team of experts to assess the situation and to help the vessel to be refloated. The vessel is currently anchored near Garchumuk and there is no threat of an oil spill.

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