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Kolkata Municipal Engineer Charged with Corruption

Municipal Engineer  Corruption (symbolic picture)
Municipal Engineer Corruption (symbolic picture)


Kolkata (August 11,2023) : A Kolkata municipal engineer has been charged with corruption after allegations that he amassed assets disproportionate to his income. The engineer, identified as Soumen Das, is accused of owning several properties and vehicles that are far beyond his known sources of income. He is also accused of accepting bribes from contractors in exchange for awarding them contracts.

A case has been filed against Das under the Prevention of Corruption Act. He is currently out on bail. The allegations against Das have sparked outrage in Kolkata. Several civic organizations have called for his immediate dismissal from service.

The Kolkata Municipal Corporation has said that it is taking the allegations seriously and that an inquiry is underway. The corporation has also said that it will take appropriate action against Das if he is found guilty. The case against Das is a reminder of the rampant corruption that exists in the municipal corporation. It is also a reminder that the people of Kolkata are no longer willing to tolerate corruption.

The allegations against Das have also raised questions about the quality of work being done by the municipal corporation. It is feared that Das may have used his position to award contracts to unqualified contractors, which could have resulted in sub-standard work. The case against Das is a test case for the Kolkata Municipal Corporation. If the corporation is able to successfully prosecute Das, it will send a strong message to other corrupt officials. However, if Das is acquitted, it will be a major setback for the fight against corruption in Kolkata.

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