11 months ago

Kolkata High Court Grants 13-Day Deadline to KMC for Clearing Encroachment at Mullick Bazar Motor Parts Market

Encroachment on Mullick Bazar
Encroachment on Mullick Bazar


IIE Digital Desk: Kolkata High Court has issued an order giving the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) a 13-day ultimatum to clear the encroachments at Mullick Bazar Motor Parts Market. The court's directive comes as a response to the long-standing issue of unauthorized structures obstructing public spaces and causing inconvenience to citizens.

The Mullick Bazar Motor Parts Market, located in the city, has been plagued by encroachments that have hindered smooth movement and accessibility for both pedestrians and vehicles. In an effort to address this problem, the court has intervened, urging the KMC to take immediate action.

The High Court's decision serves as a stern reminder to the civic authorities about the urgency of resolving the encroachment issue. It emphasizes the importance of ensuring public spaces remain clear and accessible, enabling residents and visitors to navigate the area without any hindrance.

The KMC now has a limited timeframe of 13 days to effectively tackle the encroachment problem at Mullick Bazar Motor Parts Market. This includes the removal of unauthorized structures, ensuring compliance with regulations, and restoring the area to its intended purpose.

The court's ruling highlights the significance of maintaining order and upholding the rule of law in public spaces. It underscores the responsibility of civic bodies to actively address encroachments and safeguard the interests of the general public.

The outcome of the KMC's actions within the given deadline will be closely monitored, as citizens eagerly anticipate a positive resolution to the long-standing encroachment issue at Mullick Bazar Motor Parts Market.

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