8 months ago

Kolkata HC Regulates Muharram Drumming on Park Street Amid Noise Complaints

Kolkata HC (symbolic picture)
Kolkata HC (symbolic picture)


Kolkata (July 28,2023) : The Kolkata High Court has taken a decisive step by regulating the drumming hours during Muharram on the iconic Park Street. This move comes as a response to concerns raised by residents and civic groups about the impact of loud drumming during the religious observance. The High Court's intervention aims to strike a balance between religious practices and environmental considerations. Muharram holds immense significance for the Muslim community, and drumming is an integral part of the commemoration. However, the uncontrolled intensity of the sound has been a cause of distress for many living in the vicinity.

The court's decision to regulate drumming hours on Park Street reflects a pragmatic approach towards preserving the sanctity of religious practices while respecting the rights of all citizens to a peaceful environment.

Authorities, along with religious leaders, have been cooperating to ensure the implementation of the new regulations effectively. This collaborative effort demonstrates a collective responsibility to uphold the harmony between cultural heritage and environmental well-being. The landmark decision by the Kolkata High Court serves as a crucial reminder of the importance of striking a balance between religious traditions and the welfare of the community. As the city gears up for Muharram, the regulated drumming hours on Park Street are expected to create a more serene and inclusive atmosphere for all.

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