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Kolkata Courts Innovate: Sealed Evidence Enriches Harassment Cases

Kolkata Court (symbolic picture)
Kolkata Court (symbolic picture)


Kolkata (August 25,2023) : In a significant development, it has been stipulated that instances involving sexual harassment require the inclusion of the victim's photographic or video evidence, securely enclosed within the case diary, when presented before the court. This directive comes as a stride towards bolstering the judicial process in such sensitive matters. As per the latest provisions, the photograph or video material, meticulously sealed within an envelope, must be submitted as part of the evidence during the legal proceedings. This step aims to ensure a thorough and transparent investigation, upholding the integrity of the case.

Legal experts have weighed in, stating that this step could potentially aid in expediting the process, allowing for a more comprehensive assessment of the situation. The safeguarding of the victim's identity and dignity remains paramount, as the sealed envelope approach maintains privacy while aiding in the pursuit of justice. This move, undoubtedly a response to the evolving dynamics of justice and technology, showcases the legal system's adaptability in addressing modern-day challenges. As this protocol takes effect, it marks a progressive step forward for the Kolkata legal fraternity in handling cases of sexual harassment with increased sensitivity and efficiency.

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