3 weeks ago

Confusion Over Complaints After Bhangar Police Station Reassignment

Bhangar Police Station (symbolic picture)
Bhangar Police Station (symbolic picture)


IIE Digital Desk : Residents of Bhangar are facing confusion and difficulties in filing complaints after the Bhangar police station was reassigned to the Kolkata Police division. This administrative change has led to significant uncertainty among locals, who are unsure about the correct procedures for lodging their grievances.

Previously under the jurisdiction of the West Bengal Police, the Bhangar police station's new alignment with the Kolkata Police has not been smoothly communicated to the public. This has resulted in many residents encountering problems when attempting to register complaints. Some have reported being redirected between different police stations, further complicating the process. Community members are expressing frustration over the lack of clear information and guidance. The transition has not been accompanied by adequate public awareness efforts, leaving many in the dark about where and how to seek help for their issues. This has also raised concerns about the efficiency and responsiveness of police services during the transition period.

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