11 months ago

Chetla Bridge Reconstruction Complete, 72-Hour Load Test to Begin

Chetla Bridge Reconstruction (symbolic picture)
Chetla Bridge Reconstruction (symbolic picture)


Kolkata (July 07,2023) : The reconstruction of the Chetla Bridge in Kolkata has been completed, and a 72-hour load test will begin on Saturday. The bridge was closed for traffic in 2019 for the reconstruction, which was undertaken by the Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority (KMDA). The load test will be conducted to ensure that the bridge is safe to carry traffic. During the test, the bridge will be subjected to heavy loads, including trucks and buses.

"The load test is a critical part of the bridge's reconstruction," said a KMDA official. "We are confident that the bridge will pass the test and be open to traffic soon." The Chetla Bridge is a major link between the eastern and western parts of Kolkata. It is also a vital route for goods traffic. The closure of the bridge had caused traffic congestion in the city. The completion of the reconstruction of the Chetla Bridge is a welcome relief for commuters in Kolkata. The bridge is expected to be open to traffic in the next few weeks.

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