2 months ago

Calcutta High Court Receives Petition Challenging Revised Timing of Madhyamik Exams

Calcutta High Court
Calcutta High Court


IIE Digital Desk:The Calcutta High Court is set to deliberate on a filed case challenging the recent alteration in the timing of the Madhyamik exams. The petitioner has raised concerns about the rescheduled examination hours, prompting the legal intervention to address the matter.

The petition contends that the change in exam timing may adversely affect students' preparation and well-being. The High Court will now assess the merit of the case, considering the potential impact on the academic routine and performance of Madhyamik examinees.

This development adds a legal dimension to the ongoing discussions surrounding the Madhyamik exam schedule, highlighting the significance of a balanced approach to accommodate both the educational requirements and the welfare of students. As the case unfolds, stakeholders eagerly await the court's decision on the matter.

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