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Breaking Barriers: Kolkata Lesbian Couple Takes Bold Step Towards Inclusivity with Traditional Wedding

Mousumi Datta and Moumita Majumder
Mousumi Datta and Moumita Majumder


IIE Digital Desk : In a vibrant display of love and acceptance, a lesbian couple from Kolkata recently tied the knot, symbolizing a beacon of hope for the LGBTQ community. Mousumi Datta and Moumita Majumder exchanged their marital vows in a traditional ceremony, beautifully embracing their love while adhering to customary Bengali rituals. From the lively haldi and sangeet ceremonies to the intricate mehendi designs and the sacred pheras, the couple honored their union in a manner that celebrated their heritage. This joyous occasion marks a significant milestone for queer rights, as Mousumi and Moumita become the third couple in Kolkata, following in the footsteps of Chaitanya Sharma and Abhishek Ray, to take a courageous step towards fostering an inclusive society. Their wedding stands as a testament to the growing momentum of acceptance and sets a powerful precedent for countless LGBTQ couples yearning to marry their beloved partners. Notably, Suchandra Das and Shree Mukherjee paved the way as the first same-sex couple to wed in the city back in 2018.

Reflecting on their journey, Mousumi expressed that love transcends gender and believes that true connections are forged from the heart. She hopes for the acceptance and support of Moumita's family, yearning for a future where love triumphs over societal expectations. While homosexuality was decriminalized in India in 2018, same-sex marriage remains unrecognized under current laws. Kolkata, however, has consistently demonstrated its progressive mindset, taking strides towards building a more inclusive society, and Mousumi and Moumita's wedding beautifully exemplify this spirit.

Initially planning a private ceremony at the stroke of midnight, the couple decided to share their union on social media, amplifying their support for the LGBTQ community. The couple concluded their pheras, symbolizing their unity, at the Bhutnath Temple in Kolkata's Aritola area, within the vibrant Shovabazar neighborhood. Moumita adorned Moumita's forehead with vermilion, a revered act signifying the completion of a social marriage within Hindu traditions.

Seeking blessings and acceptance from society, Mousumi and Moumita embark on their shared journey, ready to face any social taboos they may encounter along the way. Mousumi firmly believes that love erases discrimination and emphasizes the importance of personal happiness and choosing a partner to spend a lifetime with. Currently residing in an undisclosed location within north Kolkata, the couple anticipates potential resistance while they await a favorable judgment from the esteemed Supreme Court. Currently, the court is hearing pleas advocating for the legalization of same-sex marriage, despite the Central government's opposition.
Expressing their hopes for a bright future, Mousumi conveyed the importance of equality and happiness for all individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation. Drawing parallels to the rights granted to straight couples, she emphasized the desire for the LGBTQ community to experience the simple joys of life, such as living with their chosen partners.

Moumita and Mousumi's love story blossomed through social media interactions, evolving into deep connections during their subsequent dates. Currently, the couple plans to embark on a brief getaway, seeking some cherished moments away from the city's gaze. They eagerly anticipate a grand celebration on their first anniversary, hoping that by then, the apex court will have made progress in amending the laws to better protect and recognize the rights of the LGBTQ community. This extraordinary union not only represents a beautiful love story but also underscores the courage and resilience of Mousumi and Moumita, who are determined to create a more inclusive society that embraces love in all its forms. Their wedding serves as a testament to the power of love and the ongoing fight for equality, as the LGBTQ community continues to strive for recognition and acceptance in India and beyond.

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