1 year ago

Gadar 2 Actress Simrat Kaur's Intimate Photos Go Viral, Ameesha Patel Defends Her

Simrat Kaur's Intimate Photos (symbolic picture)
Simrat Kaur's Intimate Photos (symbolic picture)


IIE Digital Desk : Intimate photos of Gadar 2 actress Simrat Kaur have gone viral on social media, prompting her co-star Ameesha Patel to defend her. The photos, which appear to be from a photoshoot, show Kaur in various poses with a man. Some of the photos are quite suggestive, and they have sparked a lot of discussion online.

Patel took to Twitter to defend Kaur, saying that the photos were "private" and that "everyone deserves to have a private life." She also said that she was "disgusted" by the people who were sharing the photos online. However, Patel's comments did little to stop the spread of the photos, and Kaur has since become the target of online abuse.

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