West Bengal

9 months ago

TMC MLA and District President's Followers Clash in Islampur

Clash in Islampur (symbolic picture)
Clash in Islampur (symbolic picture)


Islampur (July 05,2023) : A clash broke out between the followers of TMC MLA Asit Kumar Mal and TMC district president Uttam Roy in Islampur, West Bengal, on Wednesday. The clash occurred during a meeting of TMC workers at a local party office. The two groups of supporters began arguing over who should be the next district president of the party. The argument soon turned violent, and the two groups began throwing stones at each other.

The police were called to the scene, and they were able to disperse the two groups. However, several people were injured in the clash. The clash is a sign of the growing factionalism within the TMC in West Bengal. The party is facing a number of challenges, including the upcoming panchayat elections. The clash in Islampur shows that the TMC is not immune to these challenges, and that it could face further problems in the future.

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