West Bengal

10 months ago

'Tablets for Students Before HS Exams' Demand Grows in Kolkata

'Tablets for Students Before HS Exams'  (symbolic picture)
'Tablets for Students Before HS Exams' (symbolic picture)


West Bengal (June 30,2023) : A demand has grown in Kolkata for the state government to provide tablets to students before the Higher Secondary Examination (HS) in 2024. The demand has been made by educationists and student organizations, who argue that tablets would help students prepare for the exams and access digital resources. The state government has already provided tablets to some students, but the demand is for all students to be given tablets.

Educationists say that tablets would help students in a number of ways. They would allow students to access digital resources, such as e-books and online courses. They would also allow students to collaborate with each other on projects.

Student organizations say that tablets would be especially helpful for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. These students often do not have access to computers or the internet, and tablets would give them a level playing field. The state government has not yet responded to the demand for tablets. However, educationists and student organizations are hopeful that the government will agree to provide tablets to all students before the HS exams in 2024.

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