West Bengal

10 months ago

Sheikh Sufiyan's Son-in-Law Defeats TMC Candidate in Nandigram

Sheikh Sufiyan (symbolic picture)
Sheikh Sufiyan (symbolic picture)


Nandigram (August 11,2023) : The son-in-law of Sheikh Sufiyan, a former TMC leader who is now with the BJP, has been elected panchayat head of a panchayat at Nandigram. The election was held on Friday, and Sufiyan's son-in-law, Md. Abdul Karim, won by a margin of over 2,000 votes. Karim is a businessman and has no prior experience in politics.

Karim's victory is seen as a major setback for the TMC in Nandigram, which is a stronghold of the party. It is also seen as a boost for the BJP, which is trying to make inroads in the area. Sufiyan was a TMC leader for many years, but he was expelled from the party in 2021 after he was accused of corruption. He later joined the BJP. Karim's victory is a sign that Sufiyan still has a strong following in Nandigram. It is also a sign that the BJP is gaining ground in the area.

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