West Bengal

8 months ago

Poachers Hunt Civets in Patashpur, Police Urged to Take Action

Poachers Hunt Civets (symbolic picture)
Poachers Hunt Civets (symbolic picture)


Potashpur (August 05,2023) : Poachers have been hunting civets in the Patashpur area of West Bengal, according to local residents. The civet is a protected species, and hunting it is a crime. The residents said that they have seen poachers setting traps for civets in the area. They have also seen poachers carrying civet carcasses. The residents have reported the poaching to the police, but the police have not yet taken any action.

The poaching of civets is a serious crime. Civets are important for the ecosystem, and they are also a source of traditional medicine. The police are urged to take action to stop the poaching of civets in the Patashpur area. The residents are concerned that the poaching of civets will continue if the police do not take action. They are urging the police to increase patrols in the area and to crack down on the poachers.

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