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Father killed his child and killed himself! The bodies of the father and son were found in the tree

The father and son hang on the same rope !
The father and son hang on the same rope !


IIE Digital Desk :  The father hangs on one side of the same rope, the son on the other. Residents of Pilkhana Road, Baharampur, Murshidabad witnessed such a scene. On Sunday, there was an uproar in the area surrounding the recovery of the bodies of father and son. Police have started investigating the incident.

Pilkhana Road is the busiest area of Baharampur city. According to local sources, an adult and a minor were found hanging from a jackfruit tree in front of a house there on Sunday morning. The deceased have been identified as Karthik Chakraborty (52) and Karanya Chakraborty (8). They have a father-son relationship. The initial assumption of the police is that the father committed suicide by strangulating the child. Karanya is physically challenged. Locals claim that Karthik was suffering from depression due to fear about his son's future. The police are also assuming that this happened from there. Meanwhile, two bodies have been sent to the hospital for post-mortem.

Karthik is an established businessman from Ranibagan area. It is reported that he returned home late on Saturday night. He argued with his wife for a while. Neighbors suspected, Karthik himself strangled his son and hanged himself from the jackfruit tree in front of the house. However, Karthik's wife Ruma Chakraborty could not confirm anything about the cause of such an incident. He said, "There was a little argument about returning home late. He was thinking about his son. But I could not even think of making such a decision for him.'' Neighbors can't imagine the calm, soft-spoken Karthik could do such a thing. Surinder Singh, Superintendent of Police of Murshidabad district, said briefly about this incident, "The body has been sent for post-mortem. Investigation is ongoing.

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