West Bengal

9 months ago

Buses and Poolcars Not Enough to Serve Public Due to Panchayat Election

Buses and Poolcars (symbolic picture)
Buses and Poolcars (symbolic picture)


West Bengal (July 05,2023) : The upcoming panchayat elections in West Bengal have put a strain on the state's public transportation system. With political parties transporting their supporters to and from polling booths, buses and poolcars are not enough to serve the public. In some areas, people have been forced to walk long distances to reach polling booths. In others, they have been stranded at bus stops or railway stations. The situation is particularly acute in rural areas, where public transportation is already limited. In some villages, there are no buses or poolcars at all.

The state government has said that it is taking steps to increase the availability of public transportation. However, it is unclear whether these measures will be enough to meet the demand. The shortage of public transportation is a major inconvenience for voters. It is also a potential security risk. With people forced to walk long distances, they are more vulnerable to attacks by political goons. The state government needs to take urgent steps to address the shortage of public transportation. This is essential to ensure that the panchayat elections are free and fair.

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