West Bengal

11 months ago

BJP Father-in-Law, TMC Son-in-Law Contest Against Each Other in Raidighi

BJP amd Tmc (symbolic picture)
BJP amd Tmc (symbolic picture)


Raidighi, (June 24, 2023): In a unique political battle, a BJP father-in-law is contesting against his TMC son-in-law in the upcoming panchayat elections in West Bengal's Raidighi block. The father-in-law, Nirmal Ghosh, is a former TMC leader who switched to the BJP a few months ago. His son-in-law, Arjun Das, is a sitting TMC panchayat member.

The two men are contesting from the same ward in Raidighi. Ghosh is confident of winning the election, saying that he has the support of the people. Das, on the other hand, is also confident of victory, saying that he has the support of the TMC machinery.

The battle between Ghosh and Das is being seen as a proxy battle between the BJP and the TMC. The BJP is hoping to wrest control of the Raidighi block from the TMC, and the outcome of this election will be seen as a bellwether for the upcoming Assembly elections in West Bengal.

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