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Windows 11 Introduces Enhanced App Privacy Settings and Convenient Glanceable VPN Feature

Windows 11 (symbolic picture)
Windows 11 (symbolic picture)


IIE Digital Desk : Microsoft's highly anticipated operating system, Windows 11, is set to include an array of new features aimed at enhancing user privacy and convenience. Among the notable additions are improved app privacy settings and a convenient "glanceable" VPN feature, providing users with greater control over their data and online security.

The revamped app privacy settings in Windows 11 empower users to have more granular control over the data accessed by various applications. With the ability to specify permissions for specific data categories, such as location, microphone, or camera access, users can customize their privacy preferences according to their comfort level. This heightened level of control is a significant step towards ensuring user privacy and protecting sensitive information. In addition to enhanced privacy settings, Windows 11 introduces a new feature known as "glanceable" VPN. This innovative addition allows users to quickly and conveniently view the status of their VPN connection directly from the taskbar. With a simple glance, users can ensure that their online activities remain secure and private, providing peace of mind in an increasingly interconnected digital landscape.

The introduction of these features reflects Microsoft's commitment to improving user experience and addressing the evolving needs of privacy-conscious individuals. By integrating advanced privacy settings and a convenient VPN status indicator, Windows 11 aims to create a more secure and user-friendly operating environment. As users increasingly prioritize their online privacy and data security, the introduction of these features in Windows 11 is a timely and welcome addition. With the upcoming release of the new operating system, Microsoft is poised to deliver a more refined and privacy-focused computing experience, empowering users with greater control over their digital lives.

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