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Apple's biggest update yet: iOS 18 expected to bring major AI and RCS features



IIE Digital Desk: Apple is gearing up to release its iOS 18 update, which is expected to be one of the most significant upgrades in the company's history. Set to be announced at Apple's annual WWDC event in June, this update is drawing a lot of attention and excitement.

New Siri with Advanced AI in iOS 18

A key feature of iOS 18 is the overhaul of Siri, Apple's voice assistant. Reports indicate that Siri will be equipped with a New Siri AI System, representing a major leap forward in its capabilities.

This enhancement is expected to improve Siri's ability to complete sentences and respond to queries more effectively, marking a significant step in the evolution of voice-assisted technology.

RCS Compatibility for iPhone and iPad

Another pivotal aspect of the iOS 18 update is the anticipated introduction of RCS Compatibility for both iPhone and iPad. This move, first hinted at by Apple in late 2023, is poised to enhance messaging capabilities and interoperability, significantly expanding the communication possibilities for iOS users.

Responding to the Digital Markets Act (DMA)

In addition to these features, Apple has been proactive in adapting iOS, Safari, and the App Store in the European Union to align with the newly enforced Digital Markets Act (DMA).

This involves implementing new controls, disclosures, and expanded protections to mitigate privacy and security risks introduced by the DMA. This adaptation demonstrates Apple's commitment to compliance and user protection within the evolving digital landscape.

Wrap-Up: A Groundbreaking Update Awaits

In summary, the iOS 18 update is shaping up to be a transformative release for Apple, with major enhancements including the New Siri with Advanced AI and RCS Compatibility, among other features. As the tech community eagerly awaits the official announcement, this update promises to redefine the iOS experience.

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