1 year ago

Violence in Manipur: 4 Killed, Including Policeman

Violence in Manipur (symbolic picture)
Violence in Manipur (symbolic picture)


Manipur (July 08,2023) : Fresh violence erupted in Manipur on Saturday, July 8, 2023, leaving four people dead, including a policeman. The incident took place in the Churachandpur district of the state. The violence was reportedly triggered by a land dispute between two communities. The two communities clashed with each other, resulting in the deaths of four people. A policeman was also killed in the violence.

The situation in the area is tense, and the police have been deployed to control the situation. The authorities are investigating the matter and have not yet made any arrests. The violence in Manipur is a reminder of the deep-seated communal tensions that exist in the state. The state has a long history of violence, and this latest incident is a setback for the efforts to maintain peace and harmony in the state.

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