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Man Freed After Cops Claim Rats Ate Ganja Evidence

Rats Ate Ganja (symbolic picture)
Rats Ate Ganja (symbolic picture)


Chennai, India (July 5, 2023) - A man accused of possessing 22 kilograms of ganja was released from custody today after police claimed that rats had eaten the evidence. The man, identified as Suresh, was arrested last month after police raided his home and found the ganja. He was charged with drug trafficking and was facing up to 10 years in prison. However, during a court hearing today, police said that the ganja had been eaten by rats. They presented a report from a pest control company that confirmed that rats had been found in Suresh's home. The judge accepted the police's explanation and ordered Suresh's release.

This is not the first time that rats have been blamed for destroying evidence in a drug case. In 2017, a man in Mumbai was released from custody after police said that rats had eaten the cocaine that he was accused of possessing. The case has raised questions about the reliability of police evidence in drug cases. Some people have argued that the police may be using the "rat" excuse to cover up their own incompetence or corruption.

However, police officials have defended their handling of the case, saying that they are committed to upholding the law. They have also said that they are investigating the possibility that Suresh may have destroyed the ganja himself. Whatever the truth may be, the Suresh case is a reminder of the challenges of prosecuting drug cases. In a country where rats are a common problem, it can be difficult to ensure that evidence is properly preserved.

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