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Assam Police Probes Viral 'Love Jihad' Arms Training Video

'Love Jihad' Arms Training (symbolic picture)
'Love Jihad' Arms Training (symbolic picture)


Guwahati (August 01,2023) : Assam Police has launched a comprehensive investigation into a viral video depicting an alleged arms training camp linked to combat "love jihad." The video's circulation has raised significant concerns and prompted authorities to take swift action. In the video, a group of individuals can be seen engaging in what appears to be arms training at an undisclosed location. The camp's association with the contentious issue of "love jihad" has amplified the urgency of the investigation.

"Love jihad" refers to an unproven conspiracy theory alleging that Muslim men entice Hindu women into relationships and marriages with the intention of religious conversion. The video's connection to this issue has drawn widespread attention. Assam Police is actively working to identify the participants, determine the camp's objectives, and ascertain the legality of the activities captured in the footage. The investigation aims to uncover any potential ties to extremist groups or illegal organizations.

Given the video's viral nature, authorities are mindful of the potential impact on public safety and social harmony. The focus remains on maintaining the rule of law and ensuring peace in the region. As the investigation unfolds, the public awaits updates on the progress and hopes for decisive action against any illegal activities. The incident highlights the crucial role of vigilant law enforcement in safeguarding the community and upholding justice.

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